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Welcome to my blog (belated!)


I was in the writer’s closet for so long. Writing quietly and never sharing any of the words. Everyday. Pages and pages of notes that were overfilling and overwhelming my existence. When writing is the way that you express yourself best, the way in which you process and make sense of life, not sharing starts to feel lonely and unauthentic. I saw an intuitive life coach a few years ago and told her I couldn’t understand why I was always sad, and she asked, where is the book Amy? So I began there, assembling and organizing all my notes and finally finishing the first draft of my book.

The book then became a daunting task and I wasn’t ever coming to the desk with joy. There were things that needed to be written that I didn’t know how to write. I took the book to an editor who said, you know HOW to write, but can you give up the habits of mind, the NOT KNOWING FOR SURE but fearing the pain—that is just beneath the feeling that you can’t write it? It was a lot to take in and to tell the truth I am still learning how to write the book in an entirely new way. He left me with the words, Trust yourself and write.

So, here I am now. I am happy to formally introduce my blog. I am humbled and happy to be in a place where I can open up with truth about a spiritual journey that I am proud of. I feel a renewed sense of service to share the story. We all have a story to tell. My favorite things to read are the stories of a life.

My sudden presence here is in no way sudden, really. I have been writing since I can remember holding the pen and have saved all my writing, including my first book, which I wrote in 4th grade, titled The Mystical Rainbow. When I came across it I thought, I am no accident. This drive within me to write has always been there and the first step is putting it out there to be seen. So I thank any and all who read and for being a part of my very first steps.

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