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I have been a student of tarot / oracle for many years. At first, it was a playful way to receive insight and guidance. As I developed a deeper relationship to the ritual of reading cards, I discovered that the cards were not only a tool to be in communion and conversation with Spirit, my higher self, the angels and guides, they were messengers themselves. They brought forth synchronicity, meaning and powerful insight that were almost always, surprisingly and wonderfully accurate. 

Each reading is filled with that same insight, intuition, synchronicity and magic. The cards are an extension of spirit’s voice. The healing work is conversational and co-creative, and usually a lot of fun! Each session is as unique and beautiful as you are. I also channel in the Akashic records and have ongoing study in mediumship, oracle reading and channeling. 

Each session includes your spirit key drawing of the session. 



“Amy provided my reading with such insight and accuracy. Her gentle approach addressed the very issues that were being questioned in my life. I was able to achieve better clarity of my circumstances and through Amy’s thoughtful explanation, appreciate the necessary position I am in this time in my life. I was given many deep insights. She was spot on with so many things. I acknowledge that Amy has divine ability and I am appreciative for having experience her intuitive gift.”

- S.H.

”I booked a 60 minute session with Amy and I am very pleased with her services. She is very kind and made me feel very comfortable. VERY accurate with her reading, tapped into my energy effortlessly. I appreciate her guidance, clarity and reassurance. Amy is truly gifted. Highly recommend her readings.”


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