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I have been a student of the oracle for many years. At first, it was a playful way to receive insight and guidance. As I developed a deeper relationship to the ritual and magic of reading cards, it became a powerful communion with Spirit. I didn't draw cards for answers. The cards became a portal to the enlightenment of my higher self. Each reading is a sacred ceremony. So, I began reading for friends and family.  I never formally offered readings, but would do them for those that found me. It was always so powerful, so synchronistic. Now that I work with the Akashic records, it became clear how beautifully these two divination techniques complement each other. I now offer Akashic Oracle readings. It's a card reading, Akashic channeling and energy healing all wrapped in one! It is as unique and beautiful as you are. Too often we look to hard for answers and prediction, whereas, I've learned, Spirit wants to dance with matter. There is so much presence in the discovery of showing up to be witnessed as a human and Spirit being. 

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