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Monday, lovely Monday


I sat on my magic carpet during the last super moon and meditated in the full moonlight. I often get the most thoughtful ideas and inspiration when I sit in that space so I was amused to find myself writing an entire page’s worth of words about the days of the week. Monday in particular. I thought it was too silly to post on the blog, but after this weekend’s holiday festivities, with dear friends old and new, I realized that there really is something to it. I am a stay at home mom and when I do work, whether writing or massage, it’s from home. But even if you have to rush out the door on Monday morning, I think it can apply.

It was a Sunday evening during that epic moon when I unwittingly began compiling my to do list, my start new list, my I need to change this or that list. I grabbed the pad and pen that I keep near me during meditation in case profound insights come. I laughed a little as I wrote these words in my notebook. People ruin their entire week by misunderstanding Monday.

I admit it. I’m guilty. I have gotten Mondays wrong more times than I care to admit. It’s not that I want to pass it off as part of the weekend or even use it as a recovery day. It is just that Monday would be so much kinder if we viewed it for what it really is. A lovely day of transition.

Monday isn’t a hit the ground running day. She isn’t a make a fresh start day. So much pressure on our girl to be something she is not. I hadn’t felt compelled to post this because I really had no proof. But ever since I wrote this down, the shift has been undeniable.

My week begins with peace and presence instead of nagging, demands and overwhelm that inevitably lead to guilt when instead of getting a running start, Monday insists that I see her for who she is. So now, I begin slowly, even if just in spirit. Even as the rest of the world is calling me to get busy, be producitve and make a change, Monday likes me a lot more now.

Of course, is it not lost on me that I am posting about Monday when it’s almost over. But that is just the way we roll.

Happy Monday Everyone!

As a sidenote, for anyone who is interested, in Kabbalah astrology, Monday is ruled by the moon. The moon, of course, is mutable and fluctuating, sensitive and procrastinating,  adaptable and gentle. By understanding the ways the planets affect you in Kabbalah astrology and traditional astrology you can maximize your understanding of the way you move through your life, the world and even particular days of the week.

And the good news is, Tuesday is ruled by Mars. She is a warrior, ambitious and action oriented. She is the planet that rules courage, goals and hard work. She transforms creative energy and business matters. So, yeah for Tuesdays too!

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